Tennis Club

Our tennis club has 6 indoor and 3 outdoor tennis courts. All courts are cleaned and maintained to the highest standards. Our staff can steer you towards your level of play, or can set you up with an evaluation with either of our tennis Pros. There are many leagues and round robins through out the year, including charitable tournaments, club tournaments, mixers, and other events. To inquire about tennis programing, lessons, evaluations, and rates please click link Kevin Pease School of Tennis, or Craig Damario, call 508.548.0546, email:

Hours:   Mon-Friday 6:30am -9pm             Sat-Sun 8am-5pm

Contract Time is available. Players must be tennis club members.

Contract bookings are for 12 consecutive weeks. $720

Groups available for all level players.
Women’s Travel Team Wednesdays at 11am.
Leagues run for 12 weeks.
Registration for January leagues begins in Dec 1st and runs through Dec 31st. New leagues begin the week of Jan 5th. All participants must be tennis club members.
Tuesday 6-7:30pm Women’s Amity II (3.0 +)
Tuesday 7:30-9pm Men’s Grand Prix (3.0+)
Wednesday 6-7:30pm Men’s Bionic (3.5-4.0)
Thursday 7:30-9pm Men’s Intrepid (Step ladder)